86 Commits (master)

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Curle 6e1129cb6b Debug information improvements 8 months ago
Curle dc4d4aba24 Fix parser goof 8 months ago
Curle c11e0792f4 Minor fixes for the linux assembler 8 months ago
Curle 84c5c9f4f2 Dump Everything. 8 months ago
Curle 5f014fed8b Fixes for windows again. 8 months ago
Curle cdd8e017e2 Fix assigning local definitions. 8 months ago
Curle 29b797d7dc Refactor codegen, allow compiling for linux 8 months ago
Curle bfebf647eb Optionally search relative to the current source file to find headers. 8 months ago
Curle bc787c3adb Wire in enhanced error handling to all crash situations 1 year ago
Curle 0f77480d5b Refactor to allow inline initialization of arrays. 1 year ago
Curle e42a2cfd8d Refactor to allow inline initialization of variables. 1 year ago
Curle 96f6773904 Allow omission of braces on multiple-statement switch cases. 1 year ago
Curle 4e47cdcaf6 Add switch statement, case and default handling, wire in the error handler for a sample program 1 year ago
Curle 70ae06af44 Add useful error handler 1 year ago
Curle 09af190aa9 Fix rsp not being escaped properly in the Win32 GAS ASM generator 1 year ago
Curle 4d5fd36390 Fix not consuming semicolon on most operations 1 year ago
Curle 216d6c6b5e Refactor to generalise assembler output 1 year ago
Curle 39756f4e89 Small fixes to assembly output 2 years ago
Curle 734bc049e7 Allow single statements in bodies of if, else, while and for 2 years ago
Curle 334b02cd76 Fix break & continue implementation 2 years ago
Curle 0454c38a7e Add extra output files to gitignore. 2 years ago
Curle b7f8d8666e Implement break/continue statements. 2 years ago
Curle 4e62bbdc51 Finish the Import mechanism, plus some bug fixes 2 years ago
Curle 2c27f2eb40 Assign source files their actual locations 2 years ago
Curle 37cdaacc71 Begin refactor for multiplexed compilation 2 years ago
Curle f2d2d07709 Create import test files 2 years ago
Curle 2c87817904 Implement alias - a faster typedef 2 years ago
Curle 628c7a3a13 Implement enums and the foundation of a type alias system 2 years ago
Curle 3717b310be Implement unions and largest-element allocation 2 years ago
Curle 537246daae CLion reformatting pass, finish struct implementation 2 years ago
Curle ac8c0ed9c7 Add struct tests. 3 years ago
Curle 8e45ea5eef Implement (broken) struct member access 3 years ago
Curle 2bdbe6e6c0
Fixes to parsing and function pointers. It's a hack but it... works? kinda? 3 years ago
Curle d848425701
Working on functions, symbols, and toward a GL hello world. 3 years ago
Curle f766d02467
Move to the BS toolcahin 3 years ago
Curle 8263fb853b
Fixes to struct parsing 3 years ago
Curle 72358aed9f
Small fixes, complete refactor 4 years ago
Curle e19a945934
Finish commenting all files 4 years ago
Curle 01d293f2c6
More comments - Pointers and Delegate 4 years ago
Curle 18b5da209d
Major refactoring
Comments added to the parser and lexer, more to come
4 years ago
Curle eb118db872
Major rewrite of the symbol parsing
Moved from a static double-ended list to individual singly-linked lists for easier and faster parsing
4 years ago
Curle a52779e379
Place AST Dumping behind the option 4 years ago
Curle cce059b9dc
Add errno header for linux build 4 years ago
Curle bcd313270f
Rework compiler command line parsing, it can now assemble and link automatically 4 years ago
Curle 263e9d443a
Remove Print<x> functions. We can printf, baby. 4 years ago
Curle 52134784a4
Add function prototyping - we can now call cstdlib functions 4 years ago
Curle 813a6c7827
Add parsing for function calls 4 years ago
Curle 389d4b47ff
Working towards functions.. We have parameters and function local types 4 years ago
Curle 0c148f6e0c
Add overrides for aliasing int types to their bit width (int->i32) 4 years ago
Curle 39ee1b6028
Working local variables.
Next up: multiple function parameters..
4 years ago