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#include "headers/isr.h"
#include "headers/common.h"
#include "headers/screen.h"
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
// make an array for the keystate
// aswell as a struct for the state of toggle keys
// and other ones such as shift ctrl etc
// add polling of status bits to recieve input properly
extern uint8_t current_color;
static void keyboard_callback(registers_t *regs)
regs->eax++; // lul
uint8_t scancode = inb(0x60); // read from the 8042 PS/2 data port
static int i = 0;
static int j = 0;
j = j%15;
current_color = j++;
kprintf("keyboard event 0x%x : %d\n",scancode,scancode);
// check for key presses like shift
// else use a lookup table to print it dependant on the state
void init_keyboard(void)
// register our keyboard callback
// poll until buffer is empty
bool full = true;
full = inb(0x64) & 1; // poll bit 1 of status reg
// send a scancode change request
outb(0x60,0xF0); //scan code change
outb(0x60,0x2); // set 2